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What's New in Visual Paradigm Enterprise 14.0 (Former ArchiMetric)

Release Date: Dec 19, 2016

TOGAF - ADM with Open Group Certified ArchiMate Product

  • Automated guided through process for TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) and deliverable development with inline instructions and samples.
  • Use most up-to-date ArchiMate 3.0 for Visual Modeling and developing TOGAF artifacts.
  • Reuse common and similar sections in one deliverable and transcribe them to others.
  • Provide detailed guidelines and recommended viewpoints for developing various deliverables.
  • Custom or insert your own text, diagrams or tables as addition information for artifacts of your choices.
  • Progressively develop enterprise architecture step-by-step without worrying what to do next with phase and steps with visual progression indicator.
  • Produce nice architecture reports automatically.
  • Achieve, categorize and keep track of changes for the building blocks and deliverables in Enterprise Architecture Repository.
  • Inline form instructions and samples for form filling.
  • Support both guide through steps and online form filling approaches.
  • Generate in Word format deliverables for easy touch up or further customization.

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Enterprise Architecture

  • ArchiMate 3.0 Viewpoints
  • Maturity Analysis
  • Scope Analysis
  • Shape Legend Modeling Viewpoint
  • Color Legend for Quick Color Coding and taxonomy
  • Model Extractor for reusing part or the whole collection of models created previously
  • Migration Roadmap Diagram
  • Business Concept Diagram

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Project Management

  • Implementation Plan Diagram
  • Enhanced Pert Chart
  • Project Documentation Repository

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Agile Development

  • Manage development activities directly under user stories
  • Keep yourself monitored with user stories changes

Team Collaboration

  • SAML authentication through Okta
  • SAML authentication through Microsoft Azure
  • Revamped Teamwork Server/VPository administrator user interface

General Modeling

  • Reference to specific revision of project
  • Supported directory view in matrix
  • High DPI support