Enterprise Architecture
Project Collaboration

Teamwork and Project Management

VPository is a cloud-based repository for you to store and share your
ArchiMetric projects. Once you've subscribed to VPository you will be granted a company-wide domain where projects can be stored.

Team members can access VPository to check out the projects they need and start working on them. Any changes they have made can be shared with the rest of the team through a 'commit' action.

Teamwork Server

When several team members need to work on the same project, version control is always a major concern.

The time and effort spent on merging the works of each team member is very expensive, and is very risky that the previous works may be overwritten by the new changes.


Tasifier is a task management tool. Like PostMania,
Tasifier is also a tool of VPository and Teamwork Server.

Tasifier provides a place for team members to plan, store, manage and keep track of development activities.


PostMania is a tool bundled with VPository that lets you share the diagrams that you've created in ArchiMetric with others, and to collect their feedback after they have view your diagrams. Very often, you share diagrams with your partners, clients or colleagues to let them confirm your design or clarify design issues.

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