Task Management

Task management with Tasifier

Keep the development tasks in Tasifier, an agile development friendly task management tool. Tasifier keeps development tasks, related artifacts and the discussion among developers in one single platform.

Crystal-clear MyTasks list

Move tasks between New, To-Do and Pending lists by evaluating your own schedule and the complexity of tasks.

Categorize tasks with tags

Label tasks meaningfully with tags. A short yet descriptive text.

Divide and manage giant task into sub-tasks

Split a task into multiple sub-tasks. Let team members focus on a smaller piece of job at a time.

Task verification

Verify tasks before they are closed. Team members have the chance to deal with issues before they escalate into bigger problems and reduce the chance of error in the final product.

Group tasks by Task Pool

Task Pool is a place where similar and/or related tasks are stored. You can group tasks by use case, priority, or by the iteration they are in.

Plan, kick off and close Task Pool

Tasifier separates the planning and commencement of Task Pool into two steps. You can plan the tasks now, and kick them off later on.

Plan forward review soon-to-due tasks

Check the soon-to-due tasks in planning. Find out what to do next and how to carry on. You can list tasks that are due the next day, in 1 week or even a week after and so on.

Run it within Visual Paradigm Enterprise (Former ArchiMetric)

You can connect to Tasifier directly from AchiMetric to browse the development activities.

Run as web-based

You can browse development activities anywhere on the go, through any web browser.

Plan tasks with working days in mind

Holidays are clearly indicated, so you can ensure tasks will be planned accurately.

Report members' workload

Measure the workload and capability of your team with the help of the reporting tools.

Prioritize tasks

Tasks are streaming in endlessly, but your time is limited. To focus on a small and manageable number of related assignments at any given time. Devote more attention which will help save your time without sacrificing the quality of work. By evaluating your own schedule, the complexity and importance of the tasks, you can re-arrange tasks by moving them to the To-do, New or Pending lists. Your tasks are well managed. Your time is well managed.

Collaborations in Tasifier

Communicate efficiently with your teammates in Tasifier. Using features such as commenting, task assignment, and follow tasks.

Sharing ideas and feedbacks

Report progress, raise issues, request change and give feedback, all can be done by posting comments on the task.

Seamlessly assign and re-assign tasks

Delegation of responsibility is quite common in modern software development. Tasifier makes the delegation of tasks easier by supporting a direct task assignment function.

Be notified by following tasks

Stay notified of any update on monitored tasks.

Quickly review team members' task list

Review team members' workload by browsing their active tasks.

Extensive search capabilities

Find task(s) by inputting a keyword. Search criteria such as the project, Task Pool, assignee, tag(s), number of days before due date and close status are supported.

Duplicate tasks

Save time and ensure the consistency of tasks by creating tasks with the 'Duplicate Task' feature.

From User Story To Activities Development

Develop system that satisfy your clients better, by capturing requirements with user story, and then manage the development activities in Visual Paradigm. Each user story can be linked with a Task Pool in Tasifier, and each Task Pool holds a set of related development tasks. So you can pick-up a user story, and then start planning the related design, implementation and testing activities.

Prioritize Tasks

A typical software development task involves many different steps. These steps may require different team members to complete. In Tasifier you can break-down a task into smaller parts, known as stages. Each stage is an unique piece of work required to be done by a specific team member. When stages are all completed, your task is done.

Manage requirements with Requirement List

Requirement is what your clients want and what your team have to fulfill. It is so important to carefully manage these needs. The Requirement List provides a well-organized approach in organizing and viewing requirements.