Project Management

Migration Roadmap

Represents the time frame of individual sub-projects and the critical transitions, using a migration roadmap. You can also indicate the moment when a project reviewed and investment will take place throughout the project life-cycle. As well as presenting the project triggers through the production of deliverables.

Implementation Plan Diagram

Plan major development activities of a project with an implementation plan diagram. Implementation plan shows how a software project will evolve at a high level. It ensures that the development teams are working together to deliver results that meet the customers' needs on time.

Documentation Cabinet

Drag & drop and auto layout drawers in cabinet, or visually drop documents or references for further viewing and achieving in the drawers - Documentation Cabinet provides a visual configurable repository for documentation taxonomy and color coding.

PERT Chart

Visualize, schedule and coordinate tasks involved in a project by developing a PERT chart. In a PERT chart, tasks are represented as a network of nodes. The direction of connectors among tasks indicate the sequence of tasks.