Document Production

Doc. Composer

Develop professional Enterprise Architecture documentation with Doc. Composer. The simple drag-and-drop document editing interface makes it easier to edit the content. Moreover, your document is always in sync with your design. One click to update your document, and another click to generate MS Word/PDF/HTML document from Visual Paradigm Enterprise (Former ArchiMetric).

Easy-to-use document editor

Create document content with simple drag-and-drop. Organize content by dragging it around the page. Add revision log and TOC on the spot, etc.

Multiple output formats

Produce Enterprise Architecture documents in MS Word, PDF and HTML.

Keep document up to date with auto update

Refresh the document to apply the latest model data before exporting.

Customizable document components

Over 3000 pre-defined templates are ready to go. Not enough? Feel free to Write own. The templates are fully customizable.

Add watermark to output images

Protect your valuable design by printing watermark to images in the document.

Sharing templates with teammates

Custom templates can be easily shared with your team, ensuring that all team members are working on the same documents and templates.

Publish project as web content

Project Publisher lets you publish your project as web content. The published content contains all the information from the project, including diagrams, description, internal and external references, etc. It also incorporates some navigational functions providing you with more control over your presentation.

Publish document with script

Run with system job scheduler to publish and upload project(s) on a regular basis.