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Our servers spread across multiple center in different geographical locations. The connection is fast regardless of your location and it is always available.

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Subscribe to VPository and start the collaboration at once! No learning or installation needed.

No hosting required

You don't have to find hosting or manage any server. You don't even need any extra software! When your team is ready, we will be here for you.

Your work is safe

VPository includes the tools you need to manage user accounts, projects, control permissions and access rights. We also offer on-premise installation of our server. If interested, please contact us for more details.

Diagram commentary

Share your Enterprise Architecture design with project team and development team participants. Let them view the design online, and leave comments. PostMania brings everyone together, for better communication, higher customer satisfaction and a better IT system.

Store supplementary files in the cloud

Store supplementary design files on for versioning and sharing with your teammates. Associate those supplementary files with your IT system design, so that readers can open the files directly from the design without the need to search for that particular file in the system again.

Compare your latest diagram with earlier revisions

By knowing the evolution of your software design, you can get to know more about how the software worked before and why certain decisions were made. The Visual History tool supports diagram browsing in older revisions along with "comparison" and "revert" tools. By comparing the latest design with an earlier revision, you can easily tell what was modified, removed and/or updated in the design at a glance. In addition, you can revert the design to the previous state as well.

Conflict resolution

Reliable conflict resolution saves you time in finding and resolving design conflicts.

Branching and tagging

Risk-free approach allows significant model changes by working on a copy of the original project.

LDAP/Active Directory support

Login VPository with your LDAP/Active Directory credentials.