Enterprise Architecture
Business Transformation and Improvement

Business Process Improvement and Transformation Meets EA

ArchiMetric help your team to establish enterprise-level of roadmap in for major stages:

1. Getting your enterprise committed and involved.

2. Getting your architecture right.

3. Getting your architecture work.

4. Getting the architecture running.

ArchiMetric adopts ArchiMate visual modeling language coupled with TOGAF's Architecture Development Method (ADM) open standards for achieving organization improvements and transformation. It helps your team to build a foundation to manage enterprise change by establishing its "blueprints" for systematically and completely defining an organization's current (baseline) or desired (target) environment using ArchiMate visual modeling language in a holistic way.

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ArchiMetric focuses on building holistic, formal, and interrelated models of all business components: strategy, process, organization, IT, cost, projects, and resources. Open Standards and Methods such as Zachman, TOGAF ADM and ArchiMate are used to represent high-level enterprise architecture. Architects may apply ADM to model of the baseline architecture, which can be used to understand, document, analyze, and communicate current business components, and subsequently, the as-is baseline architecture will be transformed to the target architecture as a detailed gap analysis. Once target business components are designed, EA models can be used to understand "Change Impact, and to drive future transformation and align the business and IT initiatives to avoid duplication and wastes.

1. Getting the Organization Committed & Involved

  • TOGAF ADM using actionable and automatic guide through process
  • Identify organization scope impacted
  • Represent various modeling using ArchiMate Certified Product with large collection of viewpoint diagrams.
  • Identify vision, mission, principles, strategies and objectives.
  • Identify stakeholder roles and responsibilities.
  • Perform capability assessments and established governance structure visually.
  • Work collaboratively with different teams and control and generate report automatically.
  • Control version and categorize of documentation and automatic achieving them in a configurable enterprise repository.

2. Getting the Architecture Right

  • Identify baseline and target architecture using Shape and Color Legend
  • Perform gap analysis for identifying implementation definition
  • Analyze business and technology models against organization’s strategy and vision to define existing gaps and potential solutions.
  • Discover changes and business initiatives and align & realized by IT and technology architecture.
  • Define transition strategy to move to the desired architecture and identify change projects.

3. Getting the Architecture Work

  • Evaluate and select among the implementation options identified in the development of the various Target Architectures
  • Design transition plan schedules and costs and actions inter-dependencies.
  • Assess the dependencies, costs, and benefits of the various projects with PERT chart and Visual Implementation Roadmap diagram.
  • Design communication plans and change management actions to support the execution of transition plans.
  • Generate an overall implementation and migration strategy and a detailed Implementation Plan

4. Getting the Architecture Running

  • Finalize the Architecture Roadmap and the supporting Implementation and Migration Plan.
  • Ensure that the Implementation and Migration Plan is coordinated with the enterprise's approach to managing and implementing change in the enterprise's overall change portfolio.
  • Ensure that the business value and cost of work packages and Transition Architectures is understood by key stakeholders.
  • Ensure and optimize the solution architecture up and running using ArchiMetric.
  • Realize of IT initiatives with actual development activity using Agile Approach with UeXceler’s one-stop-shop solution.
  • Manage the IT initiatives and related implementation and project management operations with Teamwork server (self-manage) or VPositiory (cloud-base), Postmania (model exchange) and Tasifier (task management).

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