Enterprise Architecture
for Better Business Outcomes
Plan, analyse, formulate changes and align business initiatives with IT and technology


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Why Visual Paradigm Enterprise (Former ArchiMetric)?

Translate business strategy and align IT agility, capacities with business transformation. Plan, optimize and cope with change and reduce complexity of business transformation initiatives with an integrated and service-oriented enterprise architecture framework.

Visual Paradigm Enterprise helps you build a blueprint of your current enterprise architecture enabling you to visualize and anticipate the impact of changes prior they come about. It allows you to capture and align the requirement between architecture layers, organizing resources and architecture components into enterprise repository for sharing among your teams.

Agile Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

A clear picture of where you are and where you want to be so that it's easier to understand how best to respond to change.

Business transformation

TOGAF's Architecture Development Method (ADM) open standards for achieving organization improvements and transformation.

Agile development

Ensures both enterprise architects and agile teams can work together by striking the right balance between the solid bone and the agile muscle.

Project Collaboration

Process modeling tool empowered with teamwork and project management capability.

key benefits

  • Jump-start the widely used TOGAF ADM open process together with the support of the latest ArchiMate 3.0
  • Support up-to-date ArchiMate 3 which is a one of the most widely used modeling language for enterprise architecture maintained by the Open Group.
  • Use proven enterprise architecture principles as a holistic approach at all times for the successful development and execution of strategy.
  • Build a clear blueprint of how your organization to address the goals of enterprise architecture: effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and durability.
  • Understand each layer of your business to formulate the right changes in alignment with your business strategy and IT initiatives.
  • Identify and eliminate process constraints, redundancies, inconsistencies and gaps for minimizing IT waste and redundant spending.
  • Model with viewpoints using intuitive EA tool that bring together multiple stakeholders and project across your organization to drive business improvements.
  • All-in-one modeling solution for enterprise architecture, Process Improvement and modeling, agile application development, teamwork collaboration and documentation generation.

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